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Why Citizen TV Host Azeezah Hashim Doesn’t Mind Being A Second Wife

10over10 host Azeezah Hashim has said that she doesn’t mind being married as a second wife.

In an interview with a local digital media, the bubbly presenter said that her man would rather be at her co-wife’s place than be with any other woman.

“Truly, I have no problem with being a second wife. Naturally, I believe that,  I will rather be at peace knowing that if he is not at Fatma’s place, he is at my place rather than worrying about his whereabouts everyday. In media we are stressed, maybe a client hasn’t paid me, among other kinds of stress and then I also get stressed that he is with someone else? I will just call the first wife to know if he is there,” she explained.

Azeezah added that she will also be willing to help her co-wife, whenever need arises including baby sitting her children.

“I don’t like pressure,. In our religion, men are allowed to marry up to four wives as long as you can take care of all of them,” she said.

Azeezah, who had turned a year old, also admitted that she was growing old but was yet to settle down, urging her admirers to move with speed.

“You ain’t marrying me? Remove me form the market. As far as I am concerned, I don’t have a ring on my finger but there are contenders who are doing as it is supposed to be done,” Azzezah said.

Some of the qualities she is looking for in a man include; hardworking, calm, have money to take care of her when she is not working, shouldn’t be in the limelight and be a businessman.

She added that her man should also be inspiring.

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