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Citizen TV Host Azeezah Explains Moment Stevo Simple Boy Fainted On Her Show

Stevo Simple Boy sparked a health scare after he collapsed during a live broadcast on Citizen TV.

The rapper collapsed while he was engaging in a conversation with the show’s host Azeezah Hashim on March 16, 2024, sending everyone into a panic.

Simple Boy was discussing his experience growing up in Kibera slums when he suddenly faltered and collapsed on stage.

The show was stopped for a while as Stevo Simple Boy was being attended to.

Azeezah has since shed light on the alarming incident that unfolded live on the ’10 Over 10′ show.

Reflecting on the incident in an interview with Nairobi News, Azeezah dismissed any notion that the distressing occurrence was staged to garner attention for the show, asserting that the health and well-being of guests always take precedence.

“It is unfortunate that people are going through difficulties out here, but people may tend to misunderstand them for clout,” Azeezah remarked.

“It is unfortunate that it happened that way. I don’t think anybody would put their health on the line for clout, and for the institution that I represent, I think we have proved over the years that clout means nothing to such a great institution.

Azeezah stressed the unpredictable nature of the incident and expressed her genuine shock and concern during the live broadcast.

“It took everyone by surprise and it is something we did not expect,” Azeezah explained.

“That’s why I looked shocked in the videos, and it was on live TV, and you still have to tell your audience what happened, and the guest needs your attention.”

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