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Shock As Bahati Climbs His Wife Diana Marua To Beg For Forgiveness

“Ficheni hii Kibe asione! Ndio maana anaitwa mtoto wa Diana!” Netizens react to viral video of Bahati begging Diana.

Netizens were very surprised when a video went viral showing former gospel singer Bahati begging his wife Diana Marua for forgiveness.

In the trending video, Bahati is seen sitting on Diana’s lap like a baby, pleading with her to forgive him.

Many people reacted strongly, saying Bahati acts too weak for marrying a woman who is older than him.

One of the main reasons people commented was because of the age difference between Bahati and Diana.

Bahati is three years younger than his wife Diana. Diana has said before that at first she was hesitant about their relationship working out because society’s standards say the man should be older than the woman.

Despite the age gap, Bahati and Diana have built a family together.

They have three children together, Heaven, Majesty and their youngest Malaika. The couple seems very happy and in love when they share pictures and videos of their family life.

However, this new video of Bahati desperately begging on Diana’s lap has many people criticizing their relationship dynamic. Netizens are commenting that it is shameful for a man to act so weak and submissive, especially to an older wife. They say Bahati has lost respect.

Other people are defending the couple, saying age is just a number in love. They argue that every relationship has its ups and downs, and this was just a private moment that unfortunately got filmed and shared online without context.

No matter what people think, the video has certainly caused a lot of shock, debate and judgment around Bahati and Diana’s marriage. The public reaction shows that many still have strict expectations about gender roles, age gaps and control within relationships.


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