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What Happened To Larry Madowo? Edith Kimani Introduces Her Real Love David Muriithi

In a surprise move, journalist Edith Kimani has publicly revealed her true love, David Muriithi, on his birthday.

The Germany-based journalist took to social media to express her heartfelt sentiments, introducing Muriithi as her “real love” in a post that has left many stunned.

Kimani’s post read: “Happy birthday to one of my best friends on earth. My defender and caller of BS. My chosen family. My negotiator and manager. My real love. @davidmuriithi”


This revelation comes as a shock to many, as Edith Kimani has often been spotted in the company of Larry Madowo, sparking speculation about their relationship.

The public’s assumption had been that she was involved with the former KTN News anchor, but it appears that her true love has been under the radar.

The sudden announcement has left fans and followers wondering how they missed this development, and what it means for Edith Kimani’s relationships in the past.

As the news spreads, it will be interesting to see how this revelation impacts Kimani’s professional and personal life.

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