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“Msiniharakishe!” Larry Madowo Replies To Netizens Telling Him To Marry Edith Kimani

“Wacha ujinga. Marry or release Edith Kimani back to society marketplace!” Netizens tell Larry Madowo.

In response to folks telling him to tie the knot, Larry Madowo, has coolly stated that he still has time. This assurance comes after news spread like wildfire about media tycoon Robert Murdoch’s recent engagement at the ripe age of 92. Murdoch, known for his big ventures in media, is set to marry Elena Zhukova, a retired Russian scientist, who is 67 years old.

The wedding bells are expected to happen at his Californian estate later this year, adding another chapter to his eventful life. Having left his roles as chairman of Fox and News Corp, Murdoch seems to be embracing this new chapter with open arms.

Netizens, however, seem to have turned their attention towards Larry Madowo, urging him to follow in Murdoch’s footsteps and settle down. Speculations arose about his relationship with Edith, fueled by their cozy pictures together on social media.

Many fans of the couple have been rooting for them to start a family, adding pressure on Madowo to take the step, and walk into matrimony.

But Madowo seems unfazed by the chatter, maintaining that there’s no rush.

While netizens might be buzzing about him settling down in marriage, he’s taking his time, echoing the sentiment that age is just a number.

In a world where societal norms often dictate the pace of life events, Madowo has just reminded netizens that everyone’s journey is unique.


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