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Weezdom Claims Eric Omondi Is Using Hospitalized ‘Miracle Baby’s’ Donations For His Needs

“Sisemi Eric Omondi hajasaidia but aache uongo mingi!” Weezdom says.

Former gospel singer Weezdom has made serious allegations against comedian Eric Omondi, accusing him of fraudulent behavior. Weezdom’s claims stem from a recent incident involving musician Peter Miracle Baby’s health issues.

In a social media post, Weezdom expressed his disappointment in Eric Omondi, questioning his actions regarding Miracle Baby’s medical expenses. Weezdom stated, “Eric Omondi, I don’t know what games you are playing, but I know the truth about this Miracle Baby story. I won’t let you deceive people while someone is suffering in sickness!”

According to Weezdom, Miracle Baby had been hospitalized, and the medical bill exceeded one million Kenyan shillings.

Eric Omondi initiated an online fundraising campaign called “Sisi kwa Sisi” (Us for Us) to help raise funds for Miracle Baby’s treatment.

People generously contributed to the cause, believing that the money raised would cover the medical expenses.

Weezdom alleged that Eric Omondi announced that one million shillings had been raised and claimed that the money was enough.

Eric Omondi allegedly only contributed 300,000 shillings towards Miracle Baby’s hospital bill, leaving a significant balance.

He accused Eric of misleading the public into thinking that Miracle Baby had received sufficient assistance when, in reality, he still needed help.

Weezdom further criticized Eric Omondi for not being aware of previous support extended to Miracle Baby by other public figures like Jaguar, Itumbi, and Karangu. He emphasized that the remaining funds were essential for Miracle Baby’s continued care and well-being.

The allegations have sparked conversations about transparency and accountability in fundraising initiatives, urging individuals and organizations to uphold honesty and integrity when dealing with charitable causes.


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