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Size 8 And DJ Mo Argue Bitterly After She Abandoned Him At A Petrol Station 

Size 8 claims she felt harassed by her husband DJ Mo which is why she abandoned him at a petrol station and drove off.

The couple was embroiled in a heated argument on their new reality show which airs on TV 47.

During last episode, DJ Mo accused Size 8 of abandoning him at a petrol station, leading him to use a motorbike to reach their destination.

Size 8 expressed her frustration, referring to her husband as a narcissist which is why she abandoned him at a petrol station.

“Let me ask you one question. When you pinch someone, what do you expect? Or if I slap you, how will you react? Here, I do not understand this person. I am telling you he is a narcissist. A person who presses you, but when you react, you’re the bad one.”

Size 8 continued to address issues of communication and respect in their marriage, emphasising that many marital problems stem from men’s egos and their failure to listen to their wives.

“I asked him if I was his cow to take all his rubbish and nonsense, and then when we are in front of people, he is like ‘baby cheza kama wewe’, smile.

“I am tired of this smiling. I am tired of this pretending. When we are taking pictures, I have to stand like this oh, couple goals. Couple goals for what, and someone is harassing me in the house,” Size 8 ranted.

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