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Is H_Art The Band Splitting? Mordecai Speaks After Deal With Sol Generation

Last week, Sol Generation announced that they have signed a three year publishing deal with Mordecai Dex of celebrated boy band H_Art the Band.

Fans of H_Art the Band were however left with questions of whether that was the end of the popular band, which is  known for songs such as Uliza Kiatu and My Jaber.

Following the concerns, Mordecai has come out to explain what his deal with Sol generation means, dispelling claims that Hart the Band was splitting up.

“Thank you so much for all the congratulatory messages you guys have been sending me in my DMs,  messages, comments, thank you so much I appreciate it.

“In the same light I  have been realized there are rumors going around  that Mordecai Dex has left H_Art the band and I thought it very necessary for me to come and clarify that. I have not left Hart The Band. Hart the band is still very much alive  and we are working on new music that you guys need to watch out for,” he set the record straight.

He went on to insist that the deal only means that Sol Generation will be handling his personal music project.

“What that means, I don’t know if you guys know that  I am a song writer and producer for other artists.  I have music that I do for other artists for films, commercial,  a whole bunch of music that I do outside H_Art the Band. That is the catalogue that Sol Generation Publishing is going to be handling for me. That is what that means. That does not mean that I am living H_Art the Band. You Guys need to calm down before you start spreading rumors do a little bit of research,” he said.


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