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Why Diana Marua Made Police Arrest Willy Paul At His House In Syokimau

Diana Marua alleged that Willy Paul r@p3d her as the ‘toto’ hit singer claimed they were a thing before Bahati came into the picture in 2021.

Following today’s arrest, looks like Diana Marua is not yet done with Willy Paul; he will be arraigned in court tomorrow.

New details have emerged surrounding the dramatic arrest of musician Willy Paul, following allegations of cyberbullying made by musician Diana Bahati’s legal representative, Caroline Giseve.

According to Giseve, Willy Paul’s arrest comes from his repeated failure to comply with multiple summonses related to cyberbullying charges. Giseve emphasized that investigations were conducted, and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions authorized Willy Paul’s arrest after he failed to appear despite numerous summonses.

The origins of the case trace back to 2021 when Willy Paul made online claims about being romantically involved with Diana before her marriage to fellow musician Bahati. These claims sparked rumors and speculation, setting the stage for Monday’s unexpected turn of events.

Willy Paul’s cryptic social media message, “If something happens to me, know that people in uniform are involved,” sent shockwaves across social media platforms, igniting conspiracy theories and leaving fans in suspense.

The scene outside Willy Paul’s gated residence resembled a scene from an action-packed thriller, with police cars forming a formidable blockade throughout Monday morning.

With the musician set to be arraigned on Tuesday, the unfolding events have captured public attention, shedding light on the complexities of cyberbullying and the legal repercussions it can entail.

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