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Mammito Reacts After Getting Roasted For Joking On Jowie’s Death Sentence

Mammito Eunice has not taken the backlash she faced after joking about Jowie Irungu’s death sentence lying down.

The female Comedian is currently among the top trending topics after doing a comedy skit after Joseph Irungu alias Jowie was served with a death sentence for the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

In her video, Mammito encouraged Jowie that the all was not lost with the death sentence.

“When one door closes another opens,” she captioned the controversial video that was shared across multiple social media platforms.

Mammito said that Jowie shouldn’t cry because of the sentence. According to her, it was a good opportunity to scam Kenyans. She went on to say that Jowie will likely find a man in prison who will love him, because of his looks, adding that he is also talented in music and that he will kill it in Prison’s Talent shows.


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The video sparked wild reactions among Kenyans, some condemning Mammito for being so insensitive.

Others threatened to withdraw their support and love as others urged her to pull down the video.

Responding to the criticism, Mammito was amazed by Kenyans’ unity in roasting her. She hoped that the same energy will be witnessed when it comes to fighting corruption.

She added that she was hurt because people were crucifying her for joking about a convict who has good looks.

“I have a witnessed a very rare occurrence something that has not happened since 2002 people from every background uniting together for a reason, to cook me. It gives me hope for the future that one day we shall unite and fight against corruption and other things ailing our country.

“Am in hot fire now, my soul weeps . Iam but a small thin woman with no buttocks and am not as attractive, how dare I joke about a beautiful accused person , but your unity how it fills my soul!” she said.





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