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PHOTOS: The Burial Of Nazizi’s Son Jazeel

Nazizi’s son was laid to rest at a cemetery in Nairobi following his tragic death in Dar, es Salaam, Tanzania.

Photos of the kid’s burial were only shared online after the rapper’s family announced the passing of Jazeel.

Some of the pictures shared captured the moment Jazeel’s body was taken from the mortuary with Nazizi looking so frail.


Nazizi’s old time friend Prezzo was among those who attended Jazeel’s burial at a cemetery in Nairobi.

Jazeel was buried according to Islamic burial rites.


Nazizi was clad in a black outfit at the burial so as many other mourners.

Black is standard for people to wear at a funeral because it symbolizes mourning and a somber occasion. The color black also shows respect for the deceased.


Nazizi lost her son Jazeel in a tragic accident on Christmas day while on vacation in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Nazizi’s son died in the accident at the hotel where they were staying.

Jazeel’s body was transferred to Nairobi and buried on Wednesday, December 27, according to Muslim burial rites.

“It is with profound sorrow and deepest heartache that we confirm the tragic passing of Jazeel, the beloved son of Nazizi Hirji on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2023, in Tanzania.

“We lost this young soul in an unfortunate accident at a hotel where the family was staying. He was buried earlier today in Nairobi, in accordance with his religion,” the statement confirming Jazeel’s death said.

Nazizi and her family asked for privacy as they mourned Jazeel’s death.

“We appeal for your compassion and understanding out of respect for their need for peace in this time of mourning. We kindly request everyone to allow Nazizi and her family the space they need to begin the healing process.

“A more detailed statement will be made available once the family has had some time to mourn their tremendous loss.

“Until then, we deeply appreciate your prayers and thoughts for Nazizi and her family during this incredibly difficult time. We kindly remind all entities to refrain from reaching out to the family directly to respect their privacy.”


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