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“Kimeumana!” Edday Nderitu Reveals Why Samidoh Will Never See His Children Again

“Samidoh will be seeing the kids on social media just like a stranger,” Edday Nderitu now says.

The festive season shenanigans have taken an unexpected turn for Karen Nyamu and her lover Samidoh. Their recent Christmas celebrations ignited a storm of reactions and debates among netizens, with a video posted by Senator Karen Nyamu at Samidoh’s Nyandarua home becoming a focal point of controversy.

The video showcased Karen Nyamu, Samidoh, their children, and some of Samidoh’s family enjoying Christmas together at the musician’s village home. While the scenes painted a picture of a harmonious celebration, online users swiftly criticized Karen for sleeping a house where Edday and Samidoh have been before her arrival.

The house, built by Samidoh before his relationship with Nyamu, became the epicenter of discussions about relationships, family dynamics, and the boundaries of shared spaces. Online comments flooded in, suggesting that Samidoh should have considered building a separate house for Karen Nyamu, rather than bringing her to the dwelling where he once lived with his first wife.

In response to the online buzz, Edday Nderitu, Samidoh’s first wife, broke her silence and disclosed the real reason why she won’t permit Samidoh to spend time with their three children beyond what is shared on social media. She emphasized that Samidoh’s act of bringing Karen Nyamu to the house was a blatant disrespect to their children.

“The good thing is that those kids he has disrespected, he will be seeing them on social media just like a stranger,” Edday Nderitu wrote, indicating that Samidoh’s actions have severed any possibility of a meaningful, in-person connection with their children.

As the controversy continues to unfold, Edday Nderitu’s decision adds a new layer to the ongoing discussion about the intricacies of blended families and the delicate balance required when navigating relationships with ex-spouses and new partners.Edday Nderitu


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