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Vera Sidika Expresses Desire To Go Back To Prostitution Amid Tough Economic Times In Kenya

Vera Sidika has joined ordinary Kenyans to complain about the tough economy caused by Ruto’s taxes.

The controversial socialite lamented that she was tired of breaking her back trying to earn a living yet she could just use what she has to have a smooth life.

“Only had three hours of sleep. Got up at 5.00 a.m, I hate mornings. Haven’t even started working and am already exhausted,” she wrote.

Vera added that all she needed to stop working was a rich sugar daddy to take care of her financial needs.

“At this point, I just need a wealthy sugar daddy to be splashing money on me,” Vera stressed.


Vera Sidika was first exposed as a prostitute in 2015 when someone tricked her into revealing her rates.

Social media user identified as The Seeker Of Truth posed as a client looking for sex and approached Vera pretending that he wanted to fly her to Dubai to sleep with her for a whole week.

Vera told the man that she would charge him $15,000 (about Ksh1.5 million as per 2015 dollar/shilling exchange rate) for a whole week of sex.

She said the package included four days of sex and that they would rest for two days.

The Kenyan socialite further told the man that he should pay business class ticket for her to fly to Dubai.

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