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Pastor Kanyari Painfully Recalls How Gospel Singer Betty Bayo Dumped Him 

“Wanawake wanaachanga mtu hata ukiwa na pesa,” Pastor Kanyari said, reflecting on his failed marriage.

The controversial preacher recently talked about his failed marriage to gospel singer Betty Bayo.

Speaking at his church, Kanyari advised men not to be distressed if their wives decide to leave them.

Referring to his case, Kanyari said women leave men even if they are rich.

“Usikasirike kuwachwa na bibi maana hata mimi niliachwa. Mungu ananionyesha, Kanyari wanawake wanaachanga mtu hata ukiwa na pesa. Anaacha V8 na Range Rover (Don’t be angry about being dumped by a wife because even I was left. God is showing me, Kanyari, that women leave someone even if they have money. She left a V8 and a Range Rover),” Kanyari said.

Pastor Victor Kanyari is still single even as his ex-wife Betty Bayo remarried.

Betty Bayo married her sweetheart Hiram Gitau alias Tosh six years after her marriage to controversial pastor Victor Kanyari hit rock bottom.

The gospel singer was blessed with two children for the three years that she was married to pastor Victor Kanyari.

The two got married in 2012 but annulled their marriage three years later after the preacher was exposed for performing fake miracles.

She accused Kanyari of many things after their breakup, she claimed that the controversial preacher demanded her to bleach her skin.

Betty found love again. She introduced her new sweetheart in May 2021 but kept his face hidden from the public until September when she unveiled him.

Betty and Tosh got married in a traditional wedding ceremony on December 19th 2021.

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