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Akothee: My Ex-Husband’s Cheating With Kisii Woman Made Me Avoid Touching Nelly Oaks’ Phone

Akothee, who was married to Jared Okello – the father of her three daughters, recently shared insights into her failed marriage unveiling the challenges and wisdom she gained from them.

During a TikTok live session, she delved into the intimate details of her first husband’s infidelity and its profound impact on her.

Recounting the betrayal, Akothee revealed how her first husband, the father of her three daughters, had cheated on her with a woman from Kisii.

Despite his claims of attending missions in Eldoret, she uncovered his affair through exchanged text messages.

This betrayal deeply wounded Akothee, leading her to confront the other woman and ultimately cease her pursuit of exposing her partner’s indiscretions.

“After discovering a message, I stopped checking men’s phones. My husband disappeared for an entire weekend, only to find out he was with a Kisii woman, and they were so infatuated that she messaged ‘to be continued.’ He used to claim he was going for missions or camps in Eldoret, but there was more to it. I took the phone, and the girl’s message hurt me. I confronted her and ended it there. That was the end of me attacking women,” she shared.

After enduring the pain of infidelity, Akothee consciously decided to refrain from snooping through her partners’ phones. She stressed the importance of avoiding unnecessary conflict and drama by not monitoring her partners’ activities or engaging with other women involved in their affairs.

Despite moments of temptation, she chose peace and resolved to avoid situations that could lead to further heartache.

“I don’t even touch Nelly Oaks’ phone. I don’t want to seek what I don’t want to see. Even if it falls, let it, and he’ll buy a new screen. I chose peace. I stopped with Baba Vesha and stopped calling Marcus’s women,” she affirmed.

Akothee also shared her harrowing experience with another ex-partner, Marcus, who mistreated her and cheated on her while she was pregnant with their son.

Recalling the discovery of a locked box in their home, she couldn’t resist her curiosity and managed to open it, only to find evidence of Marcus’s infidelity.

“That’s when I stopped! Inside the box, I discovered everything! That’s how I got two apartments. One was the Morning Star, and the other was his son’s property in Shanzu. I told him to continue with his affairs,” she revealed.

Reflecting on her past ordeals, Akothee expressed her trauma and zero tolerance for infidelity. She celebrated her eight-year relationship with Nelly, highlighting mutual respect and trust as the foundation of their contentment.

“I’m traumatized. I can’t tolerate cheating. That’s why I stayed with Nelly for eight consecutive years. I’m happy with Nelly because we don’t fight with anyone,” she concluded.

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