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“Unikome!” Weezdom Demands Dem Wa Facebook To Respect Him

Former gospel singer Weezdom has fired back at female comedian Dem Wa Facebook after she claimed that he has no brains.

Dem wa Facebook made the remarks during a sit down with Oga Obinna, when they were discussing the issue of Miracle Baby’s health and monetary help he received.

Dem Wa Facebook said that it was foolish for Weezdom to claim that Eric Omondi swindled some of the funds he raised for Miracle’s Baby’s hospital bill.

The female comedian noted that Eric has been raising more funds for people and he usually submits it all.

“Kwanza Weezdom anaitwa Weezdom na akili hatumii Unaitwa Weezdom na akili huna. Si angepea hata aitwe knowledge ndio at least hata aambatane na akili. Hawezi enda akasema ati Eric Omondi anataka kukulia kwa pesa kidogo Eric Omondi ni Millioanire.

“Eric Omondi huwa anachanga hata 1 million na anapeana Weezdom ndio nakuambia atumie akili yeye naye anataka hio si ajaribu mchango,” she told Obinna.

Sharing the video of Obinna and Dem wa Facebook on his Instagram account, Weezdom demanded her for respect.

“Dem wa Facebook unikome. Sijui tunauliziana nini mimi na wewe nkt tuheshimiane tafadhali,” he said.


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Commenting on his post, a section of his followers admitted that Dem wa Facebook had spoken nothing but the truth.

“Unataka huyu dame, kubali tu,” an Instagram user said.

“Acha ujinga bro huyu atakuwa ameniangukia sitakuwa nimeangukia,” Weezdom responded.

Two weeks ago, the musician accused Eric Omondi of spreading lies and politicking with  Miracle Baby’s issue.

According to him, Eric only released Kshs300,000 for the hospital bill despite announcing that he had raised Kshs1 million through his Sisi kwa Sisi initiative. He added that Eric promised to come back with the balance which he never did.

“After he had already announced that pesa imetosha watu walijua Peter ameasaidika so hawangeendelea kutoa,” he said in a long IG post.


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