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“No Way!”Nameless Disapproves Teenage Daughter’s Revealing Outfit

Tumiso, the elder daughter of singers Nameless and Wahu, was left with mixed reactions after her father rejected an outfit she wanted to wear to an occasion.

Tumiso’s choice was a black, short dress that would also have left the sides of her waist bare.

In a video that was posted by Wahu, Nameless apparently studied the outfit before turning away his daughter with it.

Tumiso told Wahu that Nameless also wanted to know if she was wearing the dress with jeans or not.

“He asked if I am wearing it with jeans,” she said leaving Wahu in stiches.

On the other hand, Nameless maintained that there is no way he was going to allow Tumiso don the outfit

“There is no way, no way, no how,” the legendary singer maintained.

dress that Nameless rejected

The 17-year old was however forced to settle on a different outfit, that included a black one shoulder but long sleeved crop top with a red pair of pants.

“Here is finally what she wore. Daddyapprovedoutfit,” Wahu said.

Nameless is usually open with his teenage daughter and they sometimes captivate online audiences with their superb dance moves.

In  the past, Nameless opened up about raising his daughters saying that he has created an environment that allows them to talk to him about all matters.

“As a father of girls I have decided to create an environment that allows my daughters to tell me anything without fear of judgment, especially my firstborn @tumi.mathenge, who is a teenager. I want her to be able to talk to me about anything, including questions on sexuality so that she does not get confused by the peer pressure that comes with that,”he said



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