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“Umeezeeka, Act Your Age” Netizen Bashes Betty Kyallo, She Responds

Betty Kyallo has been making airwaves since her debut at TV 47 after a four-year break.

At TV 47, she hosts the Friday prime time news bulletin. Aside from that, she also hosts celebrities and popular personnel as guests.

Mumias East MP Peter Salasya was the first guest to be hosted in the show. Others who appeared in the show include Eric Omondi, Amber Ray and recently KRG The Don.

An X user however seemed unpleased by the type of guests that Betty hosts in the show and didn’t shy off from calling her out.

“Umeezeka act your age. Leta guests wanabring content that is associated na your age. Mambo ya kuleta socialite na stupid musician achia Azeeza,” the social media user wrote.

Betty responded to the netizen asking him to keep off her show if he was uninterested.

“Who hurt you, bro? Chill. You actually don’t have to follow, like or comment. Bye,” the mother of one said.

Recently, it was alleged that her mysterious man is  a Ben 10(a term used to refer to men dating older women.)

Betty however denied the allegations.

“Zile uongo ziko kwa internet. Mimi nasomanga nashangaa aii ni mimi kweli wanaongelea. Mtu alisema 21 years old. Hakuna kitu kama hio,” she said.

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