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Bahati Regrets Why He Left His Baby Mama Yvonne Obura For Diana Marua

Kenyan singer Bahati has raised eyebrows and sparked intense speculation after a series of cryptic social media posts hinting at marital troubles with his wife Diana Marua. The celebrity couple, who welcomed their third child together just months ago, have unfollowed each other on Instagram, leading many to wonder if their relationship is on the rocks.

Adding fuel to the fire, Bahati posted an old photo of Diana posing with Kenyan football star Victor Wanyama, captioning it with a broken heart emoji, a move that has left netizens wondering whether he is heartbroken over his wife’s past interactions.

In a further twist, the “Mama” hitmaker shared a photo of his baby mama Yvonne Obura and their daughter Mueni, wistfully adding the caption “I wish I knew.” This remark has sparked a frenzy of questions from fans, with many asking why Bahati left Yvonne, who is several years younger than his current wife Diana, in the first place.

The bizarre social media antics have led to speculation that the celebrity couple could be headed for split or chasing clout to release a project as usual.

A section of Bahati’s fans have admitted they are rooting for his relationship with Diana to end, with some even claiming they had long prayed for such an eventuality. The age gap between the couple, with Diana being older than her husband, has long been a subject of discussion and scrutiny.


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