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Butita Speaks On Being Ridiculed By Former Radio Girl Miss Mandi

Butita has spoken on the incident where former Radio host Miss Mandi mocked him when he wanted to be her co-host.

This happened August 2013. At the time, Mandy was working at Capital FM and Butita was just beginning his comedy career.

In an email that keeps resurfacing, Mandi insinuated that Butita wasn’t funny at all.

“So I checked out the clip and as much as I saw the audience laugh, I didn’t laugh. Secondly, we are not looking to hire a comedian because we are not trying to fit in with what radio stations do here. Thirdly, the last comedian who I had live did not make me laugh, you clip as well did not make me laugh and I am beyond skeptical of brining on a comedian on my show. I always source for my funny clips,” her email read.

After receiving her message, Butita simply said, ” Ok, thanks for your reply.”

Fast forward to 2024, Butita is now a successful comedian and businessman, and is currently rolling with the president. Recently, he accompanied president William Ruto to US, where they visited the Tyler Perry studios. This caused a stir among Kenyans who are yet to forget how Mandi treated Butita. They dug up the screenshot of the email, trolling Mandi for ridiculing Butita then.

In a recent interview, Butita however urged Kenyans to let that go. He noted that it no one is perfect as everybody makes mistakes.

“It was up to her to turn me down, and the public should let this one go, even though it keeps coming up. I think Miss Mandi had a right to say what she said, we are all human beings, we have choices and that was hers. The only question was how she went about it, she probably could have been a bit nicer without necessarily being ridiculous. It was wrong, but then again, who doesn’t make mistakes? he told Nairobi News.

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