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Emotional Farewell: Samidoh Breaks Down In Tears at Kioi Junior’s Funeral 

The late Kioi Junior, a renowned artist known for his unique musical compositions and exceptional guitar skills, was laid to rest in his hometown of Kambiti, Muranga on Thurday May 9, 2024.

His sudden passing, after a brief illness, has left a void in the music industry and the hearts of many.

During the somber funeral service, attended by a host of artists including Samidoh, Joy Wa Macharia, Gather Wa Njeri, and Wakioi, emotions ran high as friends and colleagues gathered to bid farewell to the departed soul.

Samidoh, visibly distraught, delivered a heartfelt farewell speech, paying tribute to his dear friend Kioi Junior.

Overcome with grief, he was seen shedding tears as he shared memories of their friendship.

Samidoh revealed that Kioi Junior had been instrumental in teaching him how to play the guitar and even hosted him in his home for nearly a year.

As Samidoh concluded his speech, he leaned on Kioi Junior’s coffin, a poignant moment symbolizing the depth of their bond.

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His display of raw emotion resonated with all present, reflecting the profound loss felt by the entire music community.

As Kioi Junior is laid to rest, thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, daughter, parents, and all loved ones. May they find solace in cherished memories and may Kioi Junior rest in eternal peace.

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