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“Naona Ngoto Ikitembea” Pritty Vishy Goes To Meet Stevo Face To Face In Kibera

“Naenda kuona huyo msanii wenyu aseme hizo maneno anaropoka aniambie kwa uso! Naona ngoto ikitembea mahali.” Pritty Vishy says.

Rapper Stevo Simple Boy recently claimed he doesn’t miss anything about Pritty Vishy.

The Kibera rapper said she’d have to pay millions to impregnate and marry her. The two were together for many years, even before Stevo’s rise to fame, but they split up at the start of 2022. Since then, Stevo has moved on and tied the knot with another woman, although he’s been out of the public eye recently claiming things are not the same in his marriage.

On the other hand, Pritty Vishy’s relationship status remains a mystery, although she’s hinted at being in a relationship on multiple occasions.

In a recent interview, Stevo made some shocking statements, suggesting that if Vishy wants them to reconcile, she needs to bring a hefty sum of money.

Pritty Vishy didn’t take Stevo’s remarks lightly and insisted that he should say those words to her face and would teach him a lesson. She expressed her intention to confront the rapper directly, emphasizing her readiness to address any trouble that may arise.

Previously, Vishy revealed that she was the one who ended things with Stevo and made it clear that she wouldn’t consider getting back together with him, even if he asked for another chance.

Interestingly, rumors surfaced suggesting that Stevo Simple Boy and Pritty Vishy never had a romantic relationship because Stevo allegedly wanted to wait until marriage before being intimate with her.


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