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“Mimba Si Yangu” Pastor Kanyari Denies Claims By Rish Kamunge That He Impregnated Her

Amidst swirling controversy, Pastor Victor Kanyari has refuted claims of impregnating Rish Kamunge, a woman who recently gained notoriety for her public declarations of affection toward the religious figure.

Kamunge, who had garnered attention for her bold promises to showcase her relationship with Kanyari on a billboard, asserted that she was carrying his child and recounted receiving a car gift from him at an event.

However, the founder of the Salvation Healing Ministry vehemently denied any involvement with Kamunge, asserting his single status.

In a live broadcast, Kanyari addressed the accusations, categorically labeling them as false.

He clarified that his interaction with Kamunge was minimal, stating that he only encountered her for the first time during a church service.

The unfolding saga has captured public attention, particularly given Kamunge’s public declarations and Kanyari’s swift rebuttal.

As the controversy continues to unfold, the true nature of the relationship between the two remains shrouded in speculation and intrigue.

Kanyari has in the recent days been caught up in all sort of controversies with female TikTokers.

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