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Trio Mio Reveals He Splashed 80K On His Tattoo, Shares Details Of Course He Is Pursuing

Rapper Trio Mio has vowed that his body will soon be covered with tattoos.

He noted that the artworks are addictive despite the fact that one undergoes pain during the process of getting them.

According to him, he did not consult his mother, who doubles up as his manager, when he decided to get the first tattoo in February 2023 after high school.

“She was like is it real? Is it temporary?” Trio Mio said in an interview with SPM Buzz, adding that his next tattoo, will cover the whole of his arm, before he proceeds to other parts of the his body.

“Lazima nichafue mwili yote. Hii kitu ni addictive. Inakaa drugs. Ni ngumu pia juu ni uchungu. Inabamba ukichora juu unajaza but ni uchungu utaitana,” he said.

Asked on why he chose to get a tattoo soon after high school, the youngster said,  that he didn’t have money before and did not want a poorly done tattoo.

“At the time, I didn’t have the money. I am not lying. There were also lots of things going on and I didn’t want to get a tattoo worth Kshs500.  If you want a Kshs500 tattoo it depends with how it is drawn but a Kshs500 tattoo is not equal to a Kshs10,000 tattoo or Kshs3000. I didn’t want a substandard tattoo,” Trio Mio said.

He also revealed that the amount of money that the tattoo on his hand cost him.

“It cost 80K. That is not losing money, it is loving oneself. Love yourself first then love other people.” he said.

At the same time, he revealed that he is currently pursuing some courses through YouTube.

“Siwezikudanya(nitasomea) engineer. Engineer ni wewe. Mimi vision yangu nataka kudeep into music business. Nataka kuwa graphic designer na hizo ni vitu zenye nalearn kila day. Nasomea YouTube university. Hio hata hakuna kugraduate, unaendelea kusoma mpaka iivane,” he said.




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