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Did Paula Already Deliver Her First Child? Frida Kajala Sets The Record Straight

Many believe that Paula Masanja, the daughter of Tanzanian actress Frida Kajala and Producer P Funk Majani, has already given birth after long lasting rumours about her being pregnant.

Rumours about Paula’s pregnancy first emerged in July 2023 when Marioo hinted that they were expecting while wishing her a happy birthday.

“Happy birthday my love, my everything, mama Kija. Nakupenda sana,” the dear ex singer wrote on Instagram.

Later that year, Paula addressed the pregnancy rumours, saying that it is something that can’t be concealed.

“Nikiwa nayo mtaona kwa sababu mimba haifichiki,” she said.

Her mother also denied claims she was expecting, adding that she would get pregnant at her own convenient time.

In January 2024 however, a video of Paula shared online confirmed that she was really expecting. This was during Haji Manara’s royal birthday event.

A few days ago it also emerged that she had given birth, after her videos with a new born were shared online.

In an interview with Tanzanian bloggers, Kajala vehemently denied claims that her daughter was a new mum in town.

“Aliyewaambia Paula amepata mtoto nani nyinyi. Nani anasema Paula ana mimba?” she questioned the interviewers .

The actress added that the videos of Paula with a child are old and the child belonged to her youngest sibling.

“Mdogo wangu wa mwisho alijifungua. Sijui watu wa Instagram huwa wankuwa aje. Kitu wanaezakawa wako nacho halafu baadaye wakalivuja ukiona unahisi ni cha leo lakini zile video ni za zamani sana na yule ni mtoto wa mdogo wangu,” she said.

The interviewers however  did not give up, seeking to know whether Paula was still expecting because of the immense changes her body had undergone like a swollen face and legs, judging from her social media posts

“Aliwaambia ana mimba?” Kajala hit back at them.

She added that if Paula gets a child everyone will know because it is something that can’t be concealed.

She also said that she can’t force Paula to have or not have a child.




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