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Georgina Njenga Explains Why She Dumped Tyler Mbaya Even Though He Was A Good Husband

“I don’t believe everything should last forever,” Georgina Njenga said she just got tired of being married to Tyler Mbaya aka Baha.

The mother of one opened up about her split with Tyler Mbaya while speaking during an interview with SPM Buzz.

She disclosed that the main reason behind her breakup with her baby daddy was because they both had different goals, which prompted them to decide it was better if they parted ways.

The mother of one added that their relationship was not working at all.

“In relationships, Inafika places, you each have different goals… I had different goals; he had different goals, and we couldn’t achieve our goals on the same path. A lot of personal things were not working, which I wouldn’t want to talk about here,” Georgina Njenga shared.

The mother of one further shared her take on relationships, saying that nothing should last forever.

“Personally, I don’t believe everything should be forever. If it’s not working and you guys have tried, you can just let it go,” Georgina said.

The mother of one further ruled out any chances of getting back together with her baby daddy.

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