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“Tuliachana Kitambo Ata Wazazi Wetu Wanajua” Trevor Reveals Breakup With Eve Mungai Was Mutual

Director Trevor has dismissed claims that he dumped Eve Mungai, revealing that they sat down and decided to part ways amicably.

Trevor was thought to have dumped Mungai following his announcement that he had fired her. .

On February 19, 2024, Trevor announced that he fired Eve Mungai and took full control of their shared social media accounts.

He also said Eve would not be getting her usual cut from the income generated by their once co-shared channels.

Trevor unveiled the channel’s new identity, rebranding to ‘Kenya Online Media (KOM)’, effective Tuesday, February 20.

He went further to hold a Q&A session to address fans’ curiosity about collaboration with Mungai.

When asked if he would continue working with Mungai, Trevor made it clear that her involvement in their joint platforms was terminated.

“No! Her services are no longer needed in the following platforms: YouTube – 754K subscribers, Insta Fame – 104K subscribers, Facebook – 874K followers,” he responded.

Trevor revealed the nitty gritties of his breakup with Eve Mungai during a recent interview on the Iko Nini podcast.

He disclosed that he and Eve parted ways in 2023, long before the news became public knowledge. He mentioned that even their parents were aware of their separation.

“We didn’t break up yesterday. Our parents knew. We sat down with Eve’s parents and told them we weren’t together anymore but we were still working together. It was okay, and we agreed on how we would run the business,” Trevor explained.

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