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Justina Syokau Recounts Incident That Saw Her Abstain From S3X For 10 Years

Justina Syokau has maintained that it is a decade since she last got intimate.

Her last encounter was with her ex husband, who made her have s3x with him for hours non-stop.

Justina got candid about that in an interview with Oga Obinna, admitting that her ex had used viagra hence the ability for him to last that long.

“Niligongwa miti, kutoka saa nne mpaka saa kumi na mbili hapo. This guy ananiambia I miss my wife, nwamwambia nimechoka. The time we were married sijawahiona hio kitu imesimama hivyo, sijaona ikiwa kubwa hivyo. I  have lived with this man in the house I had never seen him get horny like that. I would suck him to be horny. I was unable to make ‘it’ erect,”she said.

According to her, the struggle of wanting to satisfy her man and make him perform in bed drove her to watch pornography for the first time in her life.

“I don’t know if there are women who get such frustrations when you see  cheating, you decide to pull up your bed game. The first porno, nimewatch nikiwa married juu maybe sijui style. Nimeokoka hii maka yote maybe sijui style ya kumpea.

“Niliambiwa na watu maybe hujui kumpatia vizuri ndio sababau anatembea nikaambiwa video ndio hizi angalia nikakuta niko vizuri kuliko hao, naitaka kuliko hao wako kwa hio video,” the mother of one said, adding that  the porn stars were not smart and the videos were not even interesting.

The terrific sexual encounter with her ex was however the last time she ever engaged in s3x and since then 10 years have have gone by.

Justina said that she is not interested in the act and that she fears men.

“I wasn’t interested and remember, it was just two months after the delivery of my son through operation. Tell me what will make me horny out here. There is nothing new. I can’t miss it because it is not even benefitting me. I fear men very much. Any man you have ever seen me with is a vixen,” she said.



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