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“Sina Type!” Single Corazon Kwamboka Claims She’s Not Choosy With Men Nowadays

“Until a man puts a ring on my finger and marries me, niko single!” Corazon Kwamboka who’s now a single mother reveals.

Corazon Kwamboka has opened up about her current preferences when it comes to relationships, emphasizing the importance of qualities like kindness, understanding, patience, and stability.

In a recent revelation, she stated that these traits are what attract her to individuals.

When questioned about her relationship status, Kwamboka made it clear that she does not consider herself to be in a committed partnership unless there is a ring involved. This indicates her desire for a formal and serious commitment before fully investing herself emotionally.

The discussion about Kwamboka’s love life resurfaced following comments made by her former partner, Frankie, in a July 2022 interview.

Frankie alleged that Kwamboka struggled to maintain relationships due to unresolved issues related to her father, suggesting that this impacted her ability to sustain a long-term connection.

Frankie and Kwamboka began dating in the middle of 2019 and subsequently welcomed two children together before parting ways in early 2022.

Kwamboka confirmed their breakup in February 2022, just two months after the birth of their daughter.

She took to Instagram to announce the news, sharing a picture of a black rose as a symbolic representation of the turmoil in her romantic life.


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