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TikToker Tizian Savage Reacts To People Calling Him ‘Bibi Ya Kanyari’

Prophet Victor Kanyari left netizens with a lot of speculations after professing his love and admiration for TikToker Tizian savage.

The controversial preacher even said that he would emulate him.

“May God bless Tizian, my best friend. I love this man. This young man is beautiful and handsome. I might even plait my hair like him. I will start riding a motorcycle because of you. I hear motorcycle riders are very popular. Now that you have bought an Audi!” Kanyari said a live video after receiving gifts from Tizian.

This also came after the preacher gifted the former Boda boda rider Kshs50,000 in a separate live session.

Following their interaction, many netizens have however labelled Tizian as ‘Bibi ya Kanyari, and here is what he had to say about it.

“Hizo ni propaganda tu. We barely talk with the guy we only meet in Lives. He respects what I do, the same to me so hakuna mambo mingi.”

The youthful TikToker spoke in an interview with Tumbili TV.

“He is doing that(gifting) to everyone huwezisema ni mimi pekee yangu ndio nimepewa. Watu waache tu kuoverthink,” Tizian added.

At the same time, he also addressed claims that Nyako Pilot was eyeing him.

“I think alikuwa tu anajoke. Hizo ni vitu za kitambo. This days nimekawia kabla niongee na yeye,” he said.

Tizian was also confronted with a question on why he is silent when the matter of his late friend Brian Chira is currently a heated topic of discussion on social media.

“Mimi si mtu wa scandal I don’t want to ingilia vitu zenye mimi sijui what was going on, wakiplan sikuwa hapo so I don’t want to remain relevant with clout and drama. I was not there, I have not been mentioned acha nisiingilie, hainuhusu. [I wasn’t among the organizers], I showed up juu ni beshte yangu after hapo mimi nilimaliza story yangu,” he said

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