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“Hajawahi Kusema Anapenda Mtu Mwingine Jinsi Anavyonipenda” Diamond’s First Love Sarah

Diamond Platnumz’s ex-girlfriend, Sarah, has finally broken her silence on their relationship, following Diamond’s recent assertion that she was the inspiration behind his breakthrough song ‘Nenda Kamuambie’ after their breakup.

Sarah’s unexpected appearance at an event to support Diamond reignited memories of their past romance.

During the event, Diamond publicly expressed his enduring affection for Sarah, acknowledging her significant influence on his personal growth.

Sarah also took the opportunity to share her side of the story with Tanzanian media outlets. According to her, the bond she shared with Diamond was deep and unmatched.

Sara wa Diamond Platnumz

Reflecting on their time together, spanning approximately three years from 2006 to 2009, Sarah revealed that Diamond’s song originally titled ‘Nenda Kwamwambie Sarah’ was inspired by their relationship, although he omitted her name from the title.

She believed that Diamond’s debut album was largely inspired by their relationship, with many of the songs written about her.

“He has never said he loves someone else the way he loves me. We lived together. We lived together for about three years. Between 2006/2007 to 2009. The song was called ‘Nenda Kwamwambie Sarah’, but he deleted the front part. I think all the songs on his first album were written because of me,” she said.

Sara wa Diamond

Despite their romantic history, Sarah emphasized that she and Diamond maintained a friendly relationship.

She expressed reluctance to speak publicly about their past but appreciated Diamond’s efforts to reconnect with her over the years.

Sarah admired Diamond’s musical achievements, expressing pride in his success.

“Breaking up is not war. We are friends. He has been looking for me for a long time to do an interview, but I have never agreed. I am very shy. Sometimes he can stay silent for a long time then call me and say, ‘Sarah, I miss you so much, come let’s say hi, let’s talk.’

“He often invites me to the stage, but I feel embarrassed to go up. He speaks his side, but I have never spoken. Many people have been wanting me to speak. I love how he does his music. I am happy for his success,” she said.

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