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“They Offered Him 100k” Baba Talisha Worried As Stalker Pursues Talisha Through Her Teacher

TikToker and photographer Faustine Lipuku Lukale aka Baba Talisha is now a worried man as the case of Brian Chira takes a different twist.

In an interview with Oga Obinna, which was aimed at clearing the air on the ongoing speculations regarding Chira’s funeral contributions, the distraught photographer revealed that unknown people are now after his daughter.

According to him, the individuals are looking for details about his daughter Talisha, and even sought help from her teacher, promising to pay him Kshs100,000.

“I am not at peace because if they can look for mwalimu wa Talisha shule kuulizia details about my daughter now it is getting out of hand. If some one can create an account kuenda kutishia mwalimu wa Talisha it is getting out of hand.

Baba Talisha said he doesn’t know who is behind the threats but decline to further delve into the subject saying the information they were asking about is confidential.

“They are even offering him up to 100,000 just to give the information,” he added.

Baba Talisha has been involved in a back and forth with Chira’s grandmother who accused him of mismanaging the funeral funds, and sidelining her, during the contributions.

According to her, Baba Talisha and his partner Wanjiku, are the one who opened the account and have access to it.

Defending himself, Baba Talisha threatened to take legal action.

“I would not talk anything about it. Si wameamua kudanganya, wacha sasa tupelekane court. You can’t lie with my name. Hadi sahi anajifanya ati hajui mchango ilikuwa inafanyika surely. Mara ya kwanza vile tulikuwa tukichangisha tukienda huko kwake si alikuwa analia ati hata akipata mahali tu kashamba kadogo akiwekewa kastructure tu atashukuru Mungu,” he said.

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