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“Mwili Mzima Kalio Langu La Kushoto” Harmonize’s Girlfriend Blasts Zuchu For Dragging Her In Their Fight

Zuchu and Harmonize engaged in an exchange of words on Instagram, with Zuchu not sparing his woman.

Trouble began when Harmonize reacted to Zuchu’s status, where she explained why she decided to vacate Diamond’s house following his recent reunion with Sarah, the woman who inspired his song hit song Kamwambie.

The Konde gang CEO shared a funny video of Ugali and Omena,  mocking Zuchu over her relationship issues.

“Shem la mashem shem lama sheem haujui,” he captioned the video.

Zuchu was angered by Harmonize, calling him out for poking his nose in matters that don’t concern him.

“Kibonge, stop it, @harmonize_tz. You have no hit in town; all you do is gossip. You know nothing, let me show you,” she told him off.

She added that, “Harmonize, the grown man, stop poking your nose into matters that don’t concern you. Your woman is busy seeking attention from the one you pretend to be half of. Stop the nonsense.”

Poshy Queen, who is believed to be the woman Harmonize is currently dating was also not pleased with Zuchu dragging her in their fight.

“We koma! Mwili mzima kucha hadi nywele kalio langu la kushoto. Ask him again. Shem kama shem nimeingiaje humu,” she said

Diamond on the other hand opened up on his recent fight with Zuchu saying that he is not sure whether their relationship had ended or not.

“Mapenzi yana mikasa mingi sana. Hivi ndugu zangu ninavyowaambia siku ya leo ninavoongea na nyie, nimetoka sijui kuachwa hata sielewi. Yaani huko nyumbani kwangu kumetokea kisanga cha ajabu. Mtafaruku usio na kichwa wala miguu. Sijui nimeachwa ama penzi linaendelea. Mniweke kwenye maombi,” Diamond told fans.

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