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Thee Pluto Responds To Claims Of Not Being Romantic Towards His Wife

Thee Pluto has been facing allegations of not being affectionate towards his wife Felicity Shiru after he failed to spend last Christmas as well as this year’s Valentines with her.

Speaking to YouTuber Commentator, Thee Pluto noted that he doesn’t have to seek any validation by showing the world the things he does for Felicity.

“There is one thing I usually tell my wife, I don’t have to give you flowers in front of people’s eyes¬† or in front of social media so that I can get any kind of validation. She knows I appreciate her, she knows I buy her flowers,” he said.

The 24 year old added that his religion also prohibits him from celebrating certain occasions. Thee Pluto further said that most of the people who post what they do for their loved ones just do it for the camera and not from the bottom of their hearts.

“First of all it Haram for Muslims to celebrate things like. It is not good. More than 50% of people who celebrate people and post, show the world that you have bought flowers, do it for people to see not that they real wanted to do it. It is like you go and help someone with a problem and post that you have helped, you are doing it for camera.

“If I want to show my wife that I love her, I would buy her nice things and I wouldn’t record. I don’t need any kind of validation. It is like now when someone does a wedding worth 1 million and another worth 100, 000 at the end of the day, you will go home with your wife. Most of the things are pressure. It is not everything that we will post online,” the father of two said.



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