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“This venture is just a trial” Njugush opens up after unveiling his matatu 

Comedian Njugush acquired a 36-seater matatu and ventured into the risky business but he is not worried even if it fails because it is just a side hustle.

Speaking after unveiling his bus, Njugush expressed excitement about venturing into the matatu business.

He added that the venture was just a trial and hoped that it would be a success.

“I want to explore various avenues, including farming. It’s about seizing opportunities that others have laid the groundwork for. This venture is a trial, and I’m hopeful it will be successful. It’s the way forward. We should capitalise on our successes to invest wisely as artists,” Njugush said.

The comedian thanked his close friends, including Butita, Abel Mutua, Judy Mutua, and Philip Karanja, for supporting his dreams.

“These are the individuals whose photos adorn the interior of our matatu. It’s by the grace of God. Hard work plays a part, but ultimately, it’s God’s hand that guides us. Kenyans, please support our venture. I can’t fully express how I feel, but I hope for the best,” Njugush said.

Earlier, Abel Mutua joked that Njugush made a bad investment decision to venture into the risky matatu business, saying that the comedian should instead have opened a butchery.

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