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“Men Like Me But They Are Scared To Approach Me” Viral Street Model Lupita Nyakisumo Opens Up

Lupita Nyakisumo, popular for her majestic catwalks in Nairobi’s CBD,  boasts of a height of 6’5.

The model admits that her height has always been a challenge for her even when she was growing up.

“It wasn’t easy for me because I was like two steps ahead of my peers, even getting shoes and stuff for me,” she told Presenter Ali.

“We were once playing basket ball in high school and they even thought I was a boy. I was very tall and I was built like a boy and I used to score them very many goals. They were like ‘Please coach go and check this lady she is not a girl she is a boy.’  So I used to feel different from my agemates till I saw Ajuma, I was like let all this people speak, I am unique. I can literally stand in town and I can see everything going on so I am in my own era, breathing fresh air up there.”

Nyakisumo says she has embraced her height and even the sky is no longer the limit for her. The mother of one also revealed that her height has brought problems when it comes to dating.

“I won’t lie, some men feel insecure, some men feel intimidated  by me, they like me but they are scared to approach. I am always a serious person but they actually don’t know that I am the sweetest person they can ever meet. Most of them are intimidated by my height. I might like a guy but if he is not comfortable with my height,” she said.

Nyakisumo however said that anyone who is interested in her should just love her as she is as there nothing that she can do to adjust her physical appearance.



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