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Thee Pluto Blasts Thirsty Politicians Seducing His Wife Felicity Shiru

YouTuber Robert Ndegwa aka Thee Pluto laments that his marriage is under attack from randy men who want to harvest his wife.

The content creator opened up about the challenges he faces in his marriage during a conversation with DJ Mo and Size 8 on their reality show ‘Wild Love’.

Pluto claimed that some celebrities and politicians¬†have been sliding into his wife Felicity Shiru’s direct messages (DMs).

He expressed his frustration, noting that such encounters pose challenges to maintaining trust and security in the relationship.

Pluto noted that such romantic advances put a strain in his marriage, adding that with even close friends potentially cross boundaries.

He recounted instances where his wife discovered messages from acquaintances in his DMs.

“Nishai chukua hiyo simu yake siku moja anikapata hadi macelebs na politicians wako tu pale kwa DM yake. Ni challenge. Kama sahi hata hajareply but wako tu pale. Unaeza pata hata beshte yako ako pale,” he said.

Adding that; “Na yeye ashawahi chukua simu yangu akapata mabeshte wake wanaslide kwa DM yangu.”

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