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“Tyler Typing” Georgina Njenga And Prince Newton Break The Internet With Cosy Photos

Digital Content Creator and Influencer Georgina Njenga has set tongues wagging as she posed for a photo session with media personality Prince Newton.

In the photoshoot that was shared by Newton, the duo portrayed what many would consider a dream, serving couple goals.

In one of the photos, Georgina and Newton lovingly looked at each other as if with the intention of kissing. Newton’s hand was draped around her waist with her palm lovingly placed on his chest.

In a separate photo, a smiling Georgina faced the camera as she held onto Newtons overcoat.

One of the persons who reacted to the photo was however concerned about how Newton’s girlfriend feels about such snaps.

“Girlfriend yako huwa hajam akiona these kinda photos?” she posed.

“Niambien ni shoot tu ju Tyler is typing,” another netizen commented.

“Hata kama ni kazi but venye amemshika tells a lot,”  read a separate comment.

Others however suggested that they looked good together and that they should consider dating.

The duo were seemingly advertising a clothing brand.

Georgina and actor Tyler Mbaya, who is the father of her daughter, have been separated for months and from the look of things currently, they have since moved on from their relationship.

Tyler has been keen on never sharing any details about their co-parenting or break up.

In February this year, Georgina ruled out the possibility of never reuniting with Tyler saying that life has it’s own plans.

“Yeah of course, but life happened, things happened so we move on. One thing about life is life moves on, life keeps going on, so hata nikimmiss, those are memories, and at least Astara will grow to say that we were there.

“I think I’d say you never know with life. Huwezi plania life. Leo naeza kuwa nimeplan hatutarudiana alafu turudiane ama niseme hapa hatuezi rudiana nayeye alafu turudiane,” the mother of one told Nicholas Kioko



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