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Why Felicity Wasn’t Sure If Her Marriage To Thee Pluto Would Last

Content Creator Felicity Shiru has admitted that she wasn’t 100% sure about her relationship with Thee Pluto, when she decided to move in with him.

Speaking on the latest Episode of Love In Wild, a reality show by DJ Mo and Size 8, Felicity admitted they had not discussed about marriage and children when they moved in.

According to her she only got assurance about their marriage along the way.

“I wasn’t 100% confident that this thing will be for life. We hadn’t had much conversation about marriage or kids, so we dealt with the situation as it arose and then in the long run assurance just came” she admitted.

On his side, Thee Pluto said that she asked Felicity to move in with him after she got pregnant.

“After she got pregnant, I jokingly told her to move in with me, not expecting her to agree. However, to my surprise, she came that evening, and from there, things naturally progressed towards marriage,” he recounted.

Felicity noted that entering into marriage at a young age wasn’t an easy step as she wasn’t sure about her roles and also at the same time the pregnancy wasn’t taking her smoothly.

“My partner was very supportive during the pregnancy journey. It was tough breaking the news to my mum, but she eventually supported me. The marriage and pregnancy were challenging. I experienced mood swings, which made things difficult, but we worked through it together.”

“Sometimes I would just get angry and my husband couldn’t make sense of it. He became insecure about it thinking I didn’t want the relationship. It was a lot,” she explained.



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