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“Siwezijicheat” Willy Paul Claims He Is Dating Himself

Former gospel singer Willy Paul aka Willy Pozze has claimed that he is not in any romantic relationship currently.

According to him, he is dating himself  to avoid being hurt and cheated on by any woman.

“Mi niliamua kujidate. Kwa kudate, I would rather date myself. Only me ndio siwezijihurt, siwezijicheat,” he told Kiss FM’s Chito Ndhlovu.

Asked about the young women he is frequently spotted with, Willy Paul said that he only engages in content creation with them.

At the same time, he also touched on his dramatic arrest that occurred a few weeks ago, in regards to cyber bullying charges he is facing.

“Mimi si product ya jela,” Willy Paul said after Chito said that he thought he was still behind bars. The presenter wondered why Willy Paul was accosted in such a manner with Subarus.

“Those are some of the things that come with being big. Babaraba ilikuwa imejaa magari kama 30, kuna traffic Pozze anapelekwa kushoot video,” he joked.

“Whatever happened happened. I don’t want to talk much about it because sitaki pia kupatia watu ama mtu unnecessary attention. I am currently in the process of promoting my new album Beyond Gifted.”

In the new album that dropped recently, Willy Paul featured only foreign artists and none from Kenya, a move that saw him face backlash.

He however defended himself explaining why he did not consider local artists.

“I see people complaining, asking why my album has no Kenyan act. Kwani mmesahau vile Kenya kuwa na roho mbaya ni most affordable thing?” he said on Insta stories.

Beyond gifted has featured artists such as Alaine, Tommy Lee, Denique, Marioo, Guchi, Wndy Shayo among others.

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