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“I Won’t Apologize” Ofweneke Says He Is Ready To Meet Stoopid Boy After Interview Drama

Dr. Ofweneke has vowed that he will not apologize to G bug na Jug hitmaker Stoopid Boy.

In a recent interview, Ofweneke said that he respects all creatives but the conversations should not be about artists being paid for interviews.

“I respect them. Again this is not an apology. I am not apologizing for anything but this is what I will say; this is a conversation that we need to have, the conversations should not be about whether artists should be paid for interviews or not, the conversation is, are we raising stars who are being taken advantage of? Who have big names and a lot of views on social media and literally the popularity is not reflecting on their accounts .

“I have hosted big artists both local and international nobody has ever asked me for money, maybe they already have that money,” the comedian said, adding that the conversation should have been held a long time ago

He also urged the ministry of Sports and Culture to create a serious mentorship programme for upcoming artists.

Ofweneke further said that the artists should also be taken through financial literacy classes and also serve under mentorship to learn things like contracts and quotations with clients.

“Truth be told, no media house has ever had and will ever had a budget to pay for an interview,” he said.

Ofweneke also revealed that he was not aware of who Stoopid Boy was until his producer introduced him

“If the young man had come for my interview, am  not a Gen Z person, actually producer wangu ndio aliniambia huyo ni nani mi sikuwa najua, kwa hio ngoma nilikuwa najua, hio G bag na jug najua Mejja kwa remix coz mimi ni era ya Mejja, if he would have come I would have gotten a few viewership and may be out of that, maybe I have serious people who watch the show maybe two or three clients were watching they would have  probably given him a deal. Nobody is above the other, this world is a give and take,” he said

He added that he is ready to have a sit down with Stoopid Boy but not to apologize to him but instead mentor him. He said he would pay for his fare and lunch.

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