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“Am I Marrying Myself?” Bahati Blames Diana Marua For Their Failed Wedding 

Bahati lamented that Diana Marua is always canceling their wedding plans and then blames him for failing to marry her in a white wedding.

The celebrity couple discussed their marriage during an episode on their YouTube channel where they responded to questions from fans.

While responding to a question about why they are not yet married in a white wedding, Bahati blamed his wife saying that she cancelled previous wedding plans that they had.

“Am I marrying myself? The woman should always decided. I was planning for a wedding on 12th of December. My wife akakuja akaniambia ‘mbona unaenda kwa public unasema siku utanioa kama hujaniconsult?’ Ningedu? Nkamwambia 1st of April akakataa akasema ni Fools Days, ningedu? Tell them,” Bahati complained.

On her part, Diana Marua insisted that Bahati simply did not want to marry her.

“You are happy that you don’t want to marry me? And you know baby me I will not keep on forcing you to marry me. Do you want to marry me or not?” Diana posed.

“Do you want to be married by me or not?” Bahati responded to Diana’s question.

“Do you want to marry me?” Diana insisted.

“Do you want to be married by me or not?” Bahati stated.

“Tell them when you are marrying me,” Diana said.

“Mimi staki mambo mingi,” Bahati remarked.

Bahati and Diana Marua got married in a low-key traditional ceremony held on October 20, 2017, after dating for about a year.

The singer met Diana in July 2016 when he was shooting a music video for his song ‘Mapenzi’.

Diana was the main video vixen in the song which they played a couple getting married. The song was released in August 2016.

The two got married again a traditional wedding in October 2023 as they celebrated their 7th anniversary.

They were also to get married last year but as Bahati said Diana Marua cancelled the wedding plans.

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