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Stivo Simple Boy Confirms He Is Doing Well After He Fainted During Live Broadcast On Citizen TV

Stivo Simple Boy collapsed during his appearance on Citizen TV’s show 10 Over 10 show on Friday night.

The musician suddenly fell down while he was engaging in a conversation with the show’s host Azeezah Hashim.

Azeezah and the guests at the show were utterly shocked to see Simple Boy collapse on stage.

The hosts were forced to halt the show momentarily as Stevo Simple Boy was attended to.

Worried fans took to social media to express their concerns, sending messages of support and well-wishes to the musician.

Many expressed shock and disbelief at the sudden turn of events, hoping for Simple Boy’s swift recovery.

“I pray that all is well with my friend Stevo Simple Boy. Was watching 10 over 10 Show on Citizen TV where he was being interviewed and saw him suddenly collapsed. Hope all is well. Wishing you quick recovery my guy,” Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) CEO Ezekiel Mutua expressed.

Later during the show, Azeezah Hashim called Stivo Simple Boy and put him on speaker. The musician assured fans that he was doing well.

“Nko poa,” Stivo said.

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