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“Mpoa Wangu!” Betty Kyallo Says She’d Choose Stevo Simple Boy Over Mulamwah

Stevo Simple Boy feels like Betty Kyallo is his perfect match made in heaven on her birthday.

In an old video, Betty expressed that she would choose Stevo over Mulamwah if she were stuck on an island with only those two options.

The statement still stirs excitement in Stevo making him belief one day his dream will come true.

The unexpected lunch date recently between Betty Kyallo and Stevo Simple Boy has caught many off guard but has also highlighted Betty’s humble nature. Despite their different backgrounds and careers, Betty and Stevo’s rendezvous has shown that genuine connections can be formed across diverse paths.

Netizens, always keen on following celebrity interactions, were pleasantly surprised by the friendly and warm exchange between Betty and Stevo. Their lunch date showcased a side of Betty Kyallo that many admire.

For Stevo Simple Boy, Betty’s words and the subsequent lunch date are like a dream come true. He shared the old video again, especially on Betty’s birthday, as a way to celebrate their unlikely yet delightful connection.

Fans of both personalities have been cheering them on, appreciating the positivity and joy they bring to each other’s lives.


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