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“Ni God Manze!” Stephen Bhingi Meets President William Ruto At State House

“Naenda State House manzee, naenda kumwambia siku hizi kumeharibika joo. Hakuna kanyamu.” Stephen Bhingi said in one of his first viral videos.

Reggae fan Stephen Bhingi, known for his viral content on social media, recently had a once in a lifetime encounter at State House when he met with President William Ruto. Bhingi gained fame through his unique style of content creation, primarily on TikTok, where he showcased his dance moves and interactions with boda boda riders at Githurai Roundabout.

Born in 1997, Bhingi’s rise to social media stardom has been marked by appearances in various interviews, where he shares insights on societal issues and his passion for reggae music.

One of his notable moments was teasing his followers about meeting President Ruto to discuss the challenges of the rising cost of living that affect ordinary citizens daily.

With a dedicated following of over 100,000 on TikTok and thousands of likes on his recent posts, Bhingi’s influence extends beyond entertainment to social commentary and advocacy. His journey led him to an unexpected invitation to State House on Monday, March 18, coinciding with the President’s meeting with the Facebook Management Team on content monetization.

During this gathering, President Ruto emphasized the significance of empowering youth through content monetization on platforms like Facebook, Reels, and Instagram.

This move aligns with the government’s efforts to create economic opportunities for the youth, encouraging them to leverage their creativity and digital skills for financial gain they say.


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