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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hottie Nyaga Eve, Mungai Eve’s Replacement

“Will hottie Nyaga Eve manage to fill Mungai Eve’s shoes as the new face of KOM?” Netizens ask.

Eve Nyaga, was recently unveiled as the new face of Kenya Online Media by Trevor after his break up with Mungai Eve.

Here are ten intriguing facts about this rising star:

Eve Nyaga hails from Limuru, a serene town known for its lush tea plantations and cool climate, located in Kiambu County, Kenya.

She attended Kangaru Girls High School in Embu County, where she likely honed her communication and leadership skills, laying the foundation for her future media career. Eve pursued higher education at St. Paul’s University.

Her media journey officially began in July 2019 when she joined KBC’s Y254 channel, a platform that has nurtured numerous talents in Kenya’s media scene.

Eve Nyaga is not an only child; she has a sister named Diana and a brother called Cliff.

Described as vibrant by Director Trevor, Nyaga brings an energetic and engaging presence to Kenya Online Media, promising viewers an exciting experience.

Beyond her hosting duties, Nyaga is set to become the face of Kenya Online Media, embodying the platform’s ethos and values through her on-screen persona.

Stepping into the shoes of a predecessor like Eve Mungai is no small feat. Nyaga’s appointment signals her professionalism, adaptability, and potential to carve her niche in the industry.

Kenya’s media landscape is ever-evolving, with new faces often capturing the public’s attention and this time Nyaga Eve’s name has been trending allover social media.


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