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Size 8 Unhappy With Her Husband DJ Mo Always Coming Home Late Past Midnight

“Don’t be a hero outside and a zero in your house!” Size 8 tells DJ Mo.

Gospel singer and pastor Size 8 recently shared her feelings about her husband, DJ Mo’s actions. She expressed frustration about Mo often coming home very late at night and not considering her feelings.

The couple, known for their public life, discussed these issues on their new reality show aired on TV 47.

In one episode, Mo accused Size 8 of leaving him at a petrol station, which led him to use a motorbike to reach their destination. Each of them talked to their pastors, explaining their side of the story. Size 8 did not hold back, referring to her husband as a narcissist during the conversation.

She illustrated her point by asking a question, saying, “Let me ask you one question. When you pinch someone, what do you expect? Or if I slap you, how will you react?” She went on to explain that Mo would often find excuses for his late nights, attributing them to work-related matters that she found hard to believe.

Size 8 revealed the importance of communication and understanding in a marriage. She expressed concern that many marriages suffer because men let their egos get in the way and fail to listen to their wives.

She pointed out that she also works hard but manages to come home early, contrasting it with Mo’s late hours.

Many fans and viewers have praised her courage in speaking out about issues that are often kept private.

“Ni biashara gani hii ya midnight hadi watoto wanauliza daddy ako wapi?” Pastor Size 8 asks her husband DJ Mo.

@tv47_ke Size 8 to Dj Mo: Don’t be a hero outside and a zero in your house. #TV47Reality #LoveInTheWild ♬ original sound – TV47


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