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“Sirudi Webuye?” Risper Faith Won’t Dump Her Husband Even If He Cheats

Socialite Risper Faith has claimed that she wouldn’t dump her wealthy husband Brian even if he cheats on her.

According to her, if her husband cheats, she wouldn’t get angry but they will have a conversation about it so that she can also improve where she might have not satisfied him.

“I would ask him why he cheated, if it was sweet. If I can improve or if he was given new stingo, such things. We just understand each other  nowadays there is no splitting up, you split up and go where?. Me go back to Webuye? No, I will not go back to Webuye Obinna. I will stay in Kitsuru to the end. I stay in a mansion in Kitsuru,” she said

Risper said that she will listen to her husband’s reasons  for cheating and correct where she has gone wrong.

The mother of  one was previously a plus size and she has immensely lost weight the first few months after going for surgeries.

She also revealed that she chose to excessively lose weight after suffering knee pain, while having a good time with her husband.

“Obinna nilizaa nikanona nilikuwa 120 kilos. Siku moja tu hivi asubuhi nimeamka Saturday, bwana akaniambia nimpandie juu, kumpandia juu magoti ikaanza kulia kakakaka, yaani ni uchungu, mguu ilikataa. Niliskia uchungu ingine hapa kwa magoti nikajua hii ni rock bottom ya unono,: she said.

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