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Pastor Ng’ang’a Ditches TikTok Amid Pastor Kanyari’s Condom In Church Controversy

Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a, the renowned founder of Neno Evangelism, has made headlines with his decision to part ways with the controversial social media platform TikTok.

Ng’ang’a pointed to the ongoing controversies surrounding fellow pastor Prophet Victor Kanyari as the primary factor driving his departure from the platform.

Kanyari, a figure mired in several online scandals, has raised eyebrows within the religious community for what many perceive as inappropriate conduct unbecoming of a man of the cloth. His actions, often described as “power chasing,” have sparked intense debate and condemnation.

One such incident unfolded during a Sunday service when TikToker Faith M Peters presented Kanyari with a shocking gift: condoms, panty liners, and petroleum jelly. The unexpected gesture left the congregation stunned, eliciting a range of reactions.

In another controversial move, Kanyari invited Mpenzi Chokuu, a gay Kenyan TikToker residing in Germany, to join his live TikTok session, touching on the sensitive topic of sexuality.

Pastor Ng’ang’a expressed his dismay at Kanyari’s behavior and disclosed his attempts to intervene, only to be met with resistance and hostility.

“He is no longer in God’s system… He just wants money. The same spirit he had during the 310 scandal has come back in a different way,” Ng’ang’a lamented.

Describing Kanyari as obstinate and proud, Ng’ang’a shared his struggle to offer counsel or prayer due to Kanyari’s resistance to correction.

Reflecting on the disturbing trends on TikTok, Ng’ang’a ultimately opted to sever ties with the platform, deeming it akin to a “demon.”

Ng’ang’a issued a stern warning to Kanyari, urging him to cease his actions that bring shame to the church and jeopardize his future.

“If he continues, he may not come back. The devil will give him glory now, but after a short while he will disappear,” Ng’ang’a cautioned.

Responding to inquiries, Kanyari defended his presence on TikTok, asserting his mission to spread the word of God and win souls, despite the platform’s contentious content.

While acknowledging the controversy surrounding his actions, Kanyari maintained his commitment to his cause.

As the rift between the two pastors underscores broader debates within the religious community about the appropriate use of social media platforms, Ng’ang’a’s departure from TikTok signals a firm stance against what he perceives as moral decay and exploitation within online spaces.

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