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“Ako Poa Kila Sector!” Karen Nyamu Defends Samidoh Says He’s Not A Ben 10

“I’ve ever thought about looking for a Ben 10” “Mimi ndio humkata!” Karen Nyamu says.

Karen Nyamu has spoken out in defense of her partner, Samidoh, refuting claims that he is a “Ben 10.” Despite their age difference, Nyamu asserts that Samidoh is not reliant on her for support. In fact, she argues that he is a hardworking individual who diligently provides for their family.

Samidoh, a police officer and renowned mugithi music singer, has been subject to scrutiny after it was revealed that he had a relationship outside of his marriage with Edday Nderitu, with whom he shares three children. This revelation led to strains in his marital relationship, prompting Edday to make the decision to relocate to America for the sake of her mental well-being and that of her children.

Nyamu contends that labeling Samidoh as a “Ben 10” is unfair and inaccurate. In her view, a “Ben 10” is someone who depends on an older woman for financial and material support. However, she emphasizes that Samidoh is far from this stereotype, as he is a dedicated provider who works tirelessly to meet the needs of his family.

Despite the controversy surrounding their relationship, Nyamu also revealed the positive aspects of Samidoh’s character, focusing on his commitment to his role as a father and his contributions as a working professional.

She believes that his actions speak louder than words, demonstrating his dedication and responsibility.


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